Week 7 Results Summary

Posted by: Unbiased Reporter on 2011-04-29 23:13:09

Week 7 Results Summary

Red Rolls. Black Folds. Blue Hustles. Orange Tussles. Green Dies. Gold Replies. Tan Shows. White Blows……………them out.

Black Plague vs Red Roses

Final Results: Black 2 Red 11

The Greek’s Line: Black 1 Red 9

Black picks up one player through free agency and another through a short term loan but the results remain the same. Plenty of goals to go around for the Red team as Black’s star keeper is nowhere to be found. Maybe he was inking a new transfer deal with Tan? Important week coming up for both teams. Red gets a chance to avenge the only blemish on their record against Gold. Black’s best opportunity for a point might come this week against Blue.

Blue Man Group vs Orange Juice

Final Results: Blue 2 Orange 2

The Greek’s Line: Blue 3 Orange 6

Two teams that seemed allergic to scoring last week. The balls spent more time in the woods than on the pitch. Just when Orange seemingly gets the wheels back on the wagon, someone forgets to tighten the lugnuts. Blue ends a rough 3 game streak with this tie and look forward to a matchup with Black, which is a good remedy for any losing streak. Orange gets White, who will probably probably take the wheels from the Orange wagon and leave it on cinder blocks.

Green Eggs & Ham vs Cash for Gold

Final Results: Green 6 Gold 7

The Greek’s Line: Green 2 Gold 6

Green comes out roaring in the first half and builds what looks to be an insurmountable lead. But, in hindsight Abel just needed the first half off. Gold unleashes their scoring machine in the second half scoring 6 consecutive goals to take a commanding lead. Green comes back unfazed by the onslaught and mounts a charge of its own to retie the game before the end of regulation. The Gold skipper then takes things into his own hands. First, he fires all the reserves on the pitch. And then rolls down the field with reckless abandon to score the winning goal. Gold can’t afford the same mental lapses against a motivated Red team this weekend. Green has revenge on their mind as they try to bend over Tan.

White Russian vs Tan-gled

Final Results: White 12 Tan 2

The Greek’s Line: White 8 Tan 4

Tan shows Green how it’s done by showing up with a weakened side. White shows no pity, however, and proceeds to pad their goal differential. Tan recruits a new keeper from the U14 squad but still can’t find an answer between the posts. Rumors are that the other half the Tan squad was partying with a certain Black keeper hoping to get him to sign a 4 game loan contract. Tan hopes the deal is done before the rematch with Green next week. White gets Orange and should roll all the way home with new wheels from the Orange bandwagon.

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