Third Meetings for All Teams

Posted by: Unbiased Reporter on 2011-05-22 12:44:53
Closely rated teams typically provide for the most interesting matches. Today on featured field 5, Orange and Blue will go head-to-head for the third time this season. The total goal differential in the previous two matches was only two goals, with Orange winning the first game of the season by a two goal margin.

In the second meeting, the game was close throughout, with Blue putting in the tying goal late in the second half. In that match, both of Blue's goals came off of corner kicks. Although nothing is certain, look for Orange to prevail in the third meeting.

In the next closest pairing, Green and Gold will also meet for the third time this season. Gold handled Green mercilessly in the first game, but in the second meeting Green kept it close in the end. Although one would think that this game has the potential to be the upset match of the day, expect Gold to win it walking away for the simple fact the the Green colored jerseys are cursed.

The upset game of the week could be Tan over White, provided that White doesn't insist that Tan play with 14 year olds. For all of the flack that Kevin M has taken throughout the season, the one thing that can be said is that at least the Red team never beat up on a bunch of middle schoolers. Even if White does win, without question the fans will continue remember that White's overall ranking is based upon a forfeit by Green, a game against a pubescent goalie, and two games against cellar dwellers Black; the last three contributing 29 points to their total goal differential.

In the final match, Red will meet black. As painful as it is to say, Red could probably play with a 14 year old goalie and still beat Black. Sorry Black, but it is what it is.


Playoff First Round Predictions

Red rockets 12
Black hole 2
Black invites Kevin M over to share their keg before the game. They ambush him and lock him in the keg. Chase pulls up with a lame woowoo and red are down to 5. But this is black, and red can win without kevin and chase. Every other red player scores two and Wolfe finishes off the scoring for red with two of his own.

Blue moon 1
Agent orange 4
Orange gives blue no chance as iyad plays defense to avoid the big blue bullies. Blue continues to use kevin as a striker to no avail and blue can't handle oranges bull dog tactics along the
back line. Jay is unbeatable on one leg and gregor turns in miracle saves. Chris and Gus provide all the scoring and pull 6 muscles and sprain 3 ankles. Good thing there is two weeks til the next game.

White lies 6
Tan line 4
Chef still thinks josh has a perfect bite so josh goes ape against tan's helpless goalie. Tanwill rally with dale and Tripp. But this game is over as a contest when bill injures 3 tan attackers, bass, and the ref with a single bone crushing slide.

Gan green 2
gold bond 6
Green makes a game of it as they play 7 on 5 against gold. Gold's skipper has informed his bottom picks they have no chance for playing time. With the game tied early though, the gold skipper brilliantly switches tactics on the bench and has his reserves stand with their backs to the field and bend over for the rest of the contest. The tactic is a distraction green can't resist leading to 4 easy goals for Abel. The games ends with green going down when gold bends over.

Real odds for winning the title.

Red 2 to 1
kevin is due a red and chase can't walk without his woowoo hurting. Kevin also can't resist the urge to do it with 5 again.

Orange 3 to 1
If they stay healthy orange is tough to beat. But this is orange and they have to beat blue and red in physical matches to get to the title. However with jay back its hard to find a better first 7.

Gold 4 to 1
Good balanced lineup but let's get real can the starters hold up playing every minute and are there enough antidepressants in the southeast to keep this team sane?

White 5 to 1
In the words of the great gregor, they are due cards and suspensions. Josh can't score all the goals. If david s continues his form they will be tough but where is the scoring depth behind them?

no chance. They will not show for the semis if they win this week. Its easier to talk about what could have happened.

No chance. If you can't stops easy shots you can't win 3 games in a row

no chance. No strikers = no goals.

9999999 to 1
I heard their old friend Hugh Her may comes to the game. If so, who could blame the other teams for being distracted?

The Greek ---- who is not Gregor

Guest @ 2011-05-22 13:53:34

Hugh her = hugh hef

Guest @ 2011-05-22 13:54:20

I have been maligned all season about cards and injuries. I have not gotten a red card yet and the only person to feel my wrath was Jason. As such the Greek should either apologize or hang up his swami cap.


Guest @ 2011-05-23 11:55:21

Bill, the sun will shine on every dogs butt eventually and this season it shined on yours...with you a Red card is always onlt one play away!


Guest @ 2011-05-23 12:34:44

Why does everybody think I'm a striker? We found our striker yesterday in Juan! 4 goals with 2 off headers! Believe me...I'll stay in the goal if he'll keep that up!

Kevin B

Guest @ 2011-05-23 13:22:16

Really, I thought based on the yelling a screaming that the red card afficianado this year was Jay. Until he confessed everyone thought it was me screaming at the ref. LOL

For the record, I have never had a red card in this league and only one when looking at both the WR and MCN leagues. Plenty of yellows but that only means that I have defined the line not to cross.

Cuthbert and Magic Midget have more red cards than I do.


Guest @ 2011-05-23 20:06:51