The Greek Posts Pre Season Thoughts

Posted by: Unbiased Reporter on 2011-09-11 09:13:14
This was too funny not to put it into a separate page. BTW, I didn't write this, I'm just moving it to it's own post. Gregor.

Predictions Week 1

First Things First, New Team Names – Seems every team this season has a movie that describes them perfectly.

White – The Dirty Dozen (The Mighty Midget and O’Daniel together? I know David Smith is a good guy as far as lawyers go and Chris Reeves is nice guy but Kevin and the Big O are dirty enough for a half dozen each)

Red – The Three Amigos (Iyad, Hiram, and Jay on the same team? Should we call them the three stooges? There will be plenty of eye gouging before this season is done)

Gold – Land of the Lost (The other team will have to get lost on the way to the game for Gold to avoid the league cellar)

Gray – Bonnie and Clyde (What else could you call a team with both Tripp and Fred?)

Orange – The Usual Suspects (Another title contender…yawn. The best part of this story is when Josh fool’s everybody, kicks their ass, calls them bitches, puts on sunglasses like a badass, and crushes a burning cigarette under his foot before stepping into his limo.)

Green – Cool Hand Luke (At least three different languages spoken on this team. What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.)

Blue – Planet of the Apes (Gus commands Chase to draft every bruiser he can get: Myler, Bass, Mark. Guess Gus wants to limit his injuries?)

Black – Groundhog Day (Didn’t Black just live this story in the Spring? Nothing like dying one thousand deaths only to wake up and do it again, just ask Bill Murray. But Bill Murray does get the girl in the end and Black will play Gold sometime.)

On to the Predictions:

Dirty Dozen (White) vs Groundhog Day (Black)
White 10 Black 1
Kevin has recruited half the players off the Silverbacks roster to fill out the White team. Black will consume 3 beers per person by halftime. I smell a shellacking. Would hate to the Black keeper in this one.

The Three Amigos (Red) vs The Usual Suspects (Orange)
Red 3 Orange 6
Red starts with Hiram on the right side of the defense and Jay on the left with lots of space left in the middle. Josh takes full advantage.

Land of the Lost (Gold) vs Cool Hand Luke (Green)
Gold 0 Green 8
The only interesting competition is this game is whether Abel will have more shots than the younger Alhusein has pull backs. Green plays Wolfe at forward in the 2nd half to preserve the shutout.

Bonnie & Clyde (Gray) vs Planet of the Apes (Blue)
Gray 2 Blue 4
The yawner of the group winds up being the best game. Tiebreaker – Blue has 2 midfielders, Gray has 0.

The Greek


To make the games fair, the white skipper has agreed to play only using his left foot, Bill O'Daniel will play with both hands tied behind his back and Chris Reeves will have to chase people down while hopping on one leg only.

Kevin M.

Guest @ 2011-09-11 10:41:01

Boy...somebody has way to much free time on their hands but it is funny! I'm bringing ankle weights to the matches for whte team cause we all know how fast Kevin & Chris with Bill's new slipstream head and weight he lost then he'll be right up there with them too!

The Commish

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