White Skipper's 3rd Championship in 4 Seasons is a done deal.

Posted by: kevin moghaddam on 2011-11-16 16:31:51





and the only reason he did not ge the 4th one is because he didn't play that season

Guest @ 2011-11-17 14:58:10

You're mis-remembering the season you got red-carded right before the playoffs. We didn't win that year.


Guest @ 2011-11-18 16:27:53

BransalPride cometh before a fall.

Guest @ 2011-11-18 17:10:17

Hey walde.

That is why it's 3 of 4 instead of 4 of 4.


Guest @ 2011-11-18 22:19:05

Oh, they are so sweet!And snow looks fun! Which it was in January. The 2" they're predicting for toginht, not so much. But they're so cute!And so are you ::brow waggle::

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