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Posted by: Unbiased Reporter on 2013-03-24 10:44:49
Never underestimate the powers of magic. Injured captain Kevin M. was reported as performing his magic rain dance last night in the moonlight, beckoning to the water spirits to dampen the fields and give the Magic a glimmer of hope in salvaging a .500 season. Calling upon Middle Eastern spirits, KM danced his wee legs off, summoning the clouds to bring forth a deluge. Reports are unclear as to whether he was wearing animal fur or if he was nude and it was just the appearance of the hair that seems to have slid down from his crown to cover the rest of his frame.


magic muslim will have revenge!!!

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I remember the earth was susoppe to stop spinning, and america would be destroyed. It's so ridiculous that even the cons on here realize you are making fun of their pre-healthcare reform fear mongering.

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