From Open Champion to Over 30 Mediocrity

Posted by: kevin moghaddam on 2013-05-23 11:23:54
Just 3 seasons ago, Paul Allen, whoops, I meant Paul Cuthbert  (it's easy to confuse the two due to their similar play recently) was standing at midfield with an Open Championship Metal around his neck posing for pictures.  He looked so happy.

Flash forward to the present where he has been kicked off his open team and can no longer even carry an Over 30 team.  After a lengthy conversation with the Commish, it's also been agreed that he can no longer be an Over 30 Captain as one of the prerequisite for being a Captains is that you have to be at least a 4th Round selection in the draft.



My Mexican friend - oops! sorry i mean my muslim friend.You forgot to mention that I also had an over 30 winners medal clinking against the open medal.
After reaching such dizzy heights of winning the double in the soccer metropolis of Macon it's hard to get motivated for anything else in life.
It's a real shame that you will never know what it feels like !

My downfall, after winning 4 (count them) 4 back to back open titles and the double, was to bring you into my open team. I wanted you to have success playing at a higher level.
Unfortunately, when you joined the team our performances fell apart faster than your hairpiece ;-)
You lowered the standard so much that we had to disband the team.

Back to this seasons over 30 league - It seems that our team will actually be awarded the winners medal and Gus' team will be runners up.
According to sources, the top four teams are under investigation for match fixing allegations on the final day of the regular season.

Guest @ 2013-05-23 11:46:23

you have no business trying to challenge and outsmart Paul!
you know he stings like a bee ( although not on the soccer field lately)!
you kept posting about him until you earned the reply you received.
I suggest you leave him alone.

astute observer

Guest @ 2013-05-23 13:08:52

It's all in fun. Do u think I was really expecting to write about Paul Allen and not get a response ?


Guest @ 2013-05-23 14:58:37

Sorry again. I meant Paul Cuthbert.

Guest @ 2013-05-23 15:50:35

"Soccer Metropolis of Macon" it.


Guest @ 2013-05-23 16:32:09

reliable sources are telling me that Paul was heard asking some members of the Gold team to let him win the game and some mebers of the Red team to beat Orange for him!!
call that fixing

Guest @ 2013-05-23 22:30:48

no sweat Paul, you know we all love you and your presence in the league gives it a nice flavor

Guest @ 2013-05-23 22:32:27

That's not fixing - that's just good management

Guest @ 2013-05-25 17:48:47

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Guest @ 2013-08-26 03:32:03

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