Over 30 Rules Modifications

Posted by: Unbiased Reporter on 2013-09-14 23:05:35
New for this season:
  • Game balls are not provided to the captains, but each captain is responsible for providing at least one ball at the start of the game
  • All games will be played with 7 players on the field and a keeper (8 v. 8)
  • Playoffs will be limited to the top four teams, but teams 5 and 6 will have consolation game at the same time as the first round of the playoffs so that at least one of the teams can finish the season without feeling like complete losers.

Recent Changes:
  • Keepers may punt the ball in addition to throwing it
  • Substitutions are allowed on corner kicks at the discretion of the referees
  • Goals may not be scored from a kick off, all kick offs are indirect
  • Games may be called early in the event of inclement weather at the referees discretion. Games which are not tied may be ended at that time at the discretion of the commissioner, even if it is his team that is winning. If you don't like it, go start your own league.


Gregor...well said...I love you, man! Thanks for backing me up!

The Commish

Guest @ 2013-09-14 16:51:04

I always suspected that love realationship. thanks for the confirmation


Guest @ 2013-09-14 17:03:09

Now I understand why Dano is not playing outdoor this season. No goal on kickoff, that's his most effective scoring method. This explains why the Beers are no more.

And no game ball? Guess we need to start dredging the drainage pond.

The Toe @ 2013-09-15 10:10:16

Wow, Kevin talked me into being a captain with the game ball perk. He played me like a banjo:p


Guest @ 2013-09-15 20:55:11

Nate...I like you...you will have a new game ball next week! Just don't tell Kevin M where you got it! LOL

The Commish

Guest @ 2013-09-15 21:27:19

And I need a ball too. I lost mine yesterday.

Kevin M.

Guest @ 2013-09-16 10:36:05

I lost mine too, ridiculous! first 5 minutes of the game and it was gone, looked every where and couldn't find it..wonder if some people show up just to collect balls and take them


Guest @ 2013-09-16 10:50:59

I think it was Barnard taking them. He is gong to hand them back out in the Spring.
He has gotten real cheap with us this season.

Kevin M.

Guest @ 2013-09-16 15:24:50

For all those who complained about lack of playing time, let me be the first to tell you that I played plenty yesterday! The TOE is not an endurance player, but more like an alligator...lounging in the sun waiting for the moment to strike. I like the extra man on the field, but the wider field and 40 minute half almost killed the Buddha. Clearly, I have not been running enough in the off season.

Guest @ 2013-09-16 17:51:59

Come on James. You haven't ran since you were 20.

Kevin M.

Guest @ 2013-09-16 23:52:34

I know where you ball was Iyad, but I completely forgot about it after the game. It in the thick, thick brush directly behind the goal that we defended first half. If I don\'t end up going out of town, I will definitely look for it.

John G

Guest @ 2013-09-17 00:42:12

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