Victory for THEE Magic

Posted by: Unbiased Reporter on 2013-09-22 19:21:29
THEE Magic came away from today's game with a moral victory if not a scoring victory. Notice to all teams other than Gold - when playing the Gold team, expect the commish to start the game at 2:30 without notifying the other team that the play has started. Like Kev always says, if you don't like it, start your own league. THEE Magic's fill in keeper was on the field talking to another team member when the ref blew the whistle to start the game and Gold was charging hard while THEE magic keeper wasn't yet in the box, with one shin guard and no gloves on and two men down. Obviously the Commish wasn't too concerned with courtesy regarding starting the of game, more likely was looking capitalize on the mismatch. But, the game did start at the appointed time, and if you don't like it, start your own league. Rare Gold managed two quick goals, one against a bare handed substitute keeper, in the opening minutes. What a difference the overall result would have had the referee bothered to make sure that both teams knew the game was starting. Will be interesting to see if future Gold games start as punctually should the Gold find themselves down a player or two or not having the initial kick off. Captain Magic Mog, although arriving late, made his presence known within seconds by putting in a free kick to pull within one. But, the referee called the goal off. What was his reason? The Gold team failed to provide the kicker with 6 yards of clearance. Magic Mog said, "I didn't ask for six yards." The ref's reply, "But if you had missed and they hadn't given six yards then you would be mad at me." Really? The referee decided to take away a goal from one team because if the team hadn't mad e the goal then that team may have gotten mad at him? Is this even legal? And in the presence of the Commish? Wait, not it the presence of, but in favor of the Commish's own team. A few minutes later, a ball out on the end line had three Royal players calling for a goal kick kick without argument from any Gold players, but the referee awarded a Gold corner kick. From where I sit, this fish doesn't smell very fresh, but apparently the referees know who signs the checks. Gold is clearly a competent team, with Hiram stepping in to deny several passes, Billy Al-Tousy back to play (and score), team Captain Iyad leading the way, and the inestimable greatness of James "The Toe" Freeman. It will certainly be a shock to them when they are counting up goal differentials on the last week of the season to find that they haven't made the playoffs. Take away the two early goals while playing with fewer team members and a keeper who didn't have his gear on (you don't like that we start on time, start your own league) and add back in the goal that was mysteriously not allowed so that the ref wouldn't get his feelings hurt (start your own league where goals count because they go in the net, guess?) and the game results would have come out the other way. And THEE Magic did all of this with both the first and second round players out for the week. On the tally sheet Rare Gold beat THEE Magic, but everyone on the field knows the real score today. This game servers as notice that there will be no mercy going forward against any of teams with visions of a championship. THEE Magic will not be denied at the end of the playoffs.


here is the other side of the story....
I believe that both teams started with 6 players each, and as a matter of fact Black had full squad with even one sub within 5 minutes of the start.
we scored 2 goals quickly but that has nothing to do with you not having your shin guard on.
the ref did start the game rather unusually promptly but that could have gone either way.
when Kevin took the free kick, 2 of us were starting to line up in front of him after there was some stoppage time, but he did not allow us to complete the wall and I think the ref call was fair.
also, towards the end of the game, I think the ref was really nice to Kevin..he did not give him a red card when everyone thought he would, instead he gave him a yellow one and when the tirade continued he asked him to sub....that was not a standard decision in soccer....we didn't object nor did the Commish.
any way, I really believe that Black missing its 2 first picks affected its ability quite a bit although I have to say, everyone on the Black team tried their best and were not an easy win by all means.
I am sure that when the Black formula is right, a spot in the finals is guaranteed.


Guest @ 2013-09-22 20:52:46

I am not gonna day much, but Iyad, did I read this correctly ?
I did not give u enough time to set the wall ???

That is the most ridiculous comment I have ever heard. I can put the ball down and immediately kick it. I don't
Have to wait for anything.
If I ask for 6 yards, then the ref blows the whistle and counts it.

He had no right to take the goal back. That was a goal.

Also I pulled up to the filed at like 2:27 and u guys had already started the game.
So again u actually started the game early. When I walked on the field, I was the 6th player so we did start out with
5 players.

That's the problem of having a ref that really wants to come and get his money and leave ASAP.
He really doesn't want to be out there.

I am making an announcement that I prefer not to have him ref my games and WILL not play
If Barnard assigns him to us the next time we play gold.

There's is 2 other refs that could ref us. He is the same guy that threw out my best player in the finals 2 seasons ago by talking crap to my player during the game.

Kevin M.

Guest @ 2013-09-22 21:31:24

Was your ref the white dude with the deep sounding voice? I think he had running shoes on. I'm not totally sure, but I think he started our open match early. One of our guys thought he showed up at 4:15 and we had already been playing several minutes.


Guest @ 2013-09-22 22:00:26

Probably him. Kind of skinny.

Guest @ 2013-09-23 06:56:02

I think Barnard (the commish) gave him a bonus to start the game early. They looked across the field and saw I was not there to start plus my number 1 thru 5 draft picks were not there to start the game. So they took advantage of that.

I have to say to Barnard and the Gold team, That's not very sportsmanlike.

Kevin M.

Guest @ 2013-09-23 07:09:14

Iyad, your team played blue yesterday, not black. Your loss to black is scheduled for next week. See you then!
Chris Reeves

Guest @ 2013-09-23 07:09:59

Yes, thanks for pointing that out doc. It's insulting to be confused with the plain old ordinary magic. You will soon know the difference, and you will never forget it!!!!


Guest @ 2013-09-23 10:47:24

As will u too Nate

Kevin M.

Guest @ 2013-09-23 11:36:37

thanks for the correction, guess I was too sleepy and tired yesterday from mobbing the floors with Royal rugs all day!


Guest @ 2013-09-23 12:07:57

thanks for the correction, guess I was too sleepy and tired yesterday from mobbing the floors with Royal rugs all day!


Guest @ 2013-09-23 12:10:11

Isn't funny that the reigning champs are so dismantled now that no other team is showing respect!
Heard Able was going to set on the sideline during that game, Green don't need him against Royal

Guest @ 2013-09-23 12:30:48

that wasnt me on the before last comment


Guest @ 2013-09-23 12:54:12

That's why you guys were so scared and made sure the game started 5 minutes early so u could get a few goals before I showed up. U knew I was going to be late and I bet my life that it was discussed with Batnard before the game and possibly days before.

And off course Barnard assigns the only ref that would start the game early. It does show unsportsmanlike behavior and we will not forget it next time.

Kevin M.

Guest @ 2013-09-23 13:04:04

that wasnt me on the before last comment


Guest @ 2013-09-23 13:16:04

All matches start at 2:30...not 2:25 or 2:35...we have a schedule and everyone should be able to read it and understand 2:30 means 2:30! And just to clear the record on this supposed early start...Kevin, here are your exact words to me on your text yesterday about receiving a game ball..."Give mine to Gregor or Thomas please. I will be a few minutes late today." So instead of whining about game starting 5 min about admitting you were 5 min late?

The Commish

Guest @ 2013-09-23 14:28:10

I thought I was gonna be late but I wasn't. U can verify this with Anthony Narsing. We pulled up to the field at the same time.

Guest @ 2013-09-23 15:59:15

Kevin, Gregor, Royal.
My heart is breaking for you. I'm literally (figuratively) weeping for you as I read this. We have got to do something. Like have a snack. Or take a pee. But something. We have to do something.
Chris R

Guest @ 2013-09-23 17:23:14

Gregor I do readily concede that your piece was very well written. Kudos.

Guest @ 2013-09-23 17:26:17

no one beats Greggor in writing, but I really loved your funny comment about taking a pee as a show of support.


Guest @ 2013-09-23 19:14:16

Way to go on this esysa, helped a ton.

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