Able's Green Team Considering Not Showing Up

Posted by: kevin moghaddam on 2013-10-09 11:37:28
After the trashing Thee Magic gave to the Wannabe Magic, Green Team was considering staying home. In order to make the game more even, Thee Magic skipper has decided to sit out this game, Robert Morse will only be allowed to use his left foot and Dylan Fuit will only be using his head and left thigh. Also Greggor and Aaron (come on man) Cooley will be required to play the entire game. Kevin M.


I almost forgot guys. I have great news. Paul Cuthbert will be joining us at the games this Sunday. He is setting up a Lemonade Stand at midfield between field 4a and 4b. He will also be serving boiled peanuts. Both Regular and Cajun style.
Please support him. All proceeds will be going to the British Government to further educate its people on the importance of male circumcisions.
Paul has also requested that if any of you have any foreskins left over from any circumcisions performed in the past five years to please bring it for him.

The Commish will have a box set by his tent.

Guest @ 2013-10-09 23:22:02

Kevin M.

Guest @ 2013-10-09 23:23:29

If we can collect 2 foreskins and join them together we can put little Moghaddam inside, and seal it up as a kind of cocoon - hopefully, after a few days he will come out as a fully grown man !!

Guest @ 2013-10-10 10:13:26

You are one funny wanker.

Kevin M.

Guest @ 2013-10-10 10:17:09

device. You said: I am just trying to say that just bcsuaee you have an issue with pre-mature ejaculation does not mean you have to point the finger at circumcision, we are all made differently and although taking a blade to your man parts at a young age may seem horrendous to some, I, just like many of the men on this post and in this country are circumcised and I am very happy with it. I believe I did allow for the fact that I can't prove my PE is from circumcision but there is a growing suspicion that PE can be linked to circumcision. But do tell, what exactly is it that you are happy with regarding your circumcision. I am extremely unhappy with mine and I suspect that PE is one of the reasons. Another reason I am unhappy is that women who have experienced coitus with both cut and intact men report that sex with intact men is more enjoyable due to the gliding action of the foreskin. They also report that intact men last longer, and bcsuaee they can maintain an erection with less stimulation, they do not thrust as hard. As such, coitus is less traumatic to their vaginal walls. I love my wife, I would like her to experience that. So those are some reasons I am unhappy with my circumcision, so I am curious, what specifically makes you happy about yours? You said: However, if the parents find a reputable doctor who they know will do a good job and the husband can assure the wife that his life was fine and they were able to reporduce without issue then why not? Well for starters let's go with rights of the child. Does the infant have the right to make these sort of decisions for himself eventually in his life? Does a child have a right to be unhappy about a surgical procedure done on his penis when he was he was a newborn infant? Or is he just a hot head radical? I am very unhappy that I was circumcised against my will. Is it just tough shit? Too bad? My rights do not count, only parents have rights regarding male genital integrity. Somebody in another post mentioned nose jobs. Do you think that you could get a nose job done anywhere in the US on an infant with a normal nose for cosmetic reasons? I want his or her nose to look like mine. Would that fly anywhere in the US? You said: Traditions exist for a reason Nate, I am not Jewish nor Islamic. So what exact tradition was I circumcised too? Perhaps the Victorian tradition of fear of masturbation? The Victorian belief that sex is immoral except for the generation of children? Or was it the British upper class distaste by mothers and nannies for having to clean the penis and instruct their sons on how to wash an uncut penis? Indeed some traditions go back to Abraham, but mine seems to go back to Dr. John Kellogg (yes, of the corn flakes fame). Dr. Kellogg was convinced that masturbation would lead to the ruin of modern society. So he circumcised boys and applied carbolic acid to the clitoris of girls. Well Nate, as you said some of them seem barbaric and down right cruel, this world was founded on stupidity and superstition. So is that a tradition that we should continue? You said: I am no more offended by people circumcising their children in the safest way possible than I am parents taking their children to church. You may think they are completely different but are they really? I was forced to go to church and to religious instruction in my early teens. In my mid teens, I decided that I was not going to do that any longer. I quit the church. Can I do the equivalent with circumcision? Yes, I realize that there are restoration devices. Do they bring back the frenulum delta, do they restore the ridged band, do they bring back the mucuosa layer, does it restore any one of the 15,000 to 20,000 nerve endings that were destroyed in my circumcision? Will encouraging my son to procure one of these stretching devices ever alleviate the shame that I feel that I allowed this barbaric procedure to occur to him out of stupidity and ignorance? You said: unless the parents are intentionally mutilating their children OK, so what qualifies as mutilation? How many nerve endings have to be destroyed before it is mutilation? Would the surgical removal of of just the pad off the little finger on the left hand qualify as mutilation? What if that is some one's tradition? Given my choice between my foreskin and the said pad, take the pad, I got nine other digits. I guess here is the thing, I really enjoy coitus, masturbation, and oral sex. Yes, I have no idea of what sex is like with an intact penis. But I have this vivid imagination that thinks that playing with my wife's inner labia through my foreskin and vice versa might be a hell of a lot of fun. I imagine what penetration feels like with a highly innervated foreskin being pushed back by my wife's vaginal wall. I imagine coitus for long periods without premature ejaculation, hypersensitivity of the glans, or genital abrasion for both my wife and I. It doesn't take a hell of lot of imagination to figure that 15 square inches of specialized skin, and 15K to 20K of additional nerve endings is probably going to make sex far more enriched that what I experience. It doesn't take a hell of lot imagination to wonder what effect circumcision may have on male sexuality, male coital performance, and extrapolate that out and ask what effect does circumcision have on relationships and marriage. But as you say traditions exist for a reason and the tradition that I was circumcised under was not that of Abraham but that of aVictorian perverted prude who not only despised masturbation and coitus, but seemed to have an anal fetish for enema. And you know what Nate? It pisses me off that I was circumcised, but what really pisses me off was that I was stupid and ignorant enough to allow my son to be circumcised. So let me ask you, what do you think of a tradition that was founded on the fear of masturbation and the notion that sexual pleasure between spouses is immoral? To use your words, do you think that it may seem barbaric and down right cruel? Do you think that such a tradition may have been founded on stupidity and superstition?Is this a tradition that we should carry on? If so then, perhaps those of us with daughters should keep a bottle of carbolic acid handy in the medicine cabinet. Do you have the balls to do that to your daughter? Are you ignorant enough to put carbolic acid on your daughter's clitoris bcsuaee you caught her masturbating? I suggest watching this video (thanks to SM for linking to it) and All this is theoretical. We really have no idea if the things that I piss and moan about are 100% factual. Ergo in some peoples minds, it is just a bunch of crap promoted by hot heads raising hell about nothing. But here is what we do know, in the United States surgery with no medical efficacy is illegal to perform on minors. It is illegal to perform cosmetic or religious ritual surgeries on the genitals of female minors. Children in the US are protected from any kind of unnecessary surgeries except circumcision. That is tradition and that tradition exceeds the right of the individual. My right to get circumcised or not was usurped by my parents, and I usurped my son's right. Once you put a steak through a meat grinder, you have hamburger. You are never going to get the steak back. That is not theoretical, that is fact.

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