Turmoil in Commodities Market

Posted by: Unbiased Reporter on 2013-10-29 12:31:44
To win in the financial markets, you need good strategy. The same is true on the soccer pitch. Thee Magic Captain used his inestimable strategic genius when faced with having soccer god Robert Morris absent. Mog moved himself to defense to start the game and matched up on Billy Al-Tousy, putting Thomas Kaczmynameistoolong on Iyad, and Aaron Cooley on the third gold offensive player. This strategy worked so well that even pathetic GK Gregor managed a clean sheet for the first half. Thee Magic scored 4 in the first half, two by Kevin from defense on transition.

Conversely, in an odd strategic move, Barely Good moved defensive powerhouse Bill ODaniel from the field into the net. One can only assume that this was in response to a injury for Bill as John Gray was playing admirably in goal and no one with any sense would voluntarily move ODaniel from the field to the box.

As mentioned in an alternate article, there really is no estimating the domination that Thee Magic would have demonstrated - as if a 7-0 shutout wasn't enough - had Robert Morris not been absent and Joe Joiner not been suffering from a nearly debilitating knee condition. It is fortunate that Gold is so deep with talent like Cherinor Sillah, Aran MacKinnon, Dylan Fiut, Juan Hernadez, and Steve Johnsonin in the field; along with the unparalleled Chuck Kim in goal that they were able to have Gregor spend a lot of time on the bench.

It is also fortunate that the Gold team somehow thinks being in first place at the halfway mark is an important stat, as they quickly plummet to the basement. First place at the midpoint? Big deal. That's like saying the plane flew halfway there or the patient was alive for most of the operation.


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