The Real Story of the Thrashing The Gold Team Received

Posted by: kevin moghaddam on 2013-10-30 22:37:59

It was a beautiful day for Soccer.  I could see Iyad looking at our team from the corner of his eyes.  I could sense the excitment he had as it looked like I didn't have some of my players.  Slowly I could see the excitment going away as more and more of my players started arriving.

I finally told him that Robert and Aaron McKinnon were not coming.  I don't think I have ever seen him smile so big.  I looked around and saw him and Nabil gone momentarily.  After looking around for them, I noticed them jumping and high fiving each other behind the back board as they did some sort of celebratory dance.  When they finally arrived back at the field, they wanted to make sure I stayed around after the game for a picture with me so they could capture my disappointed face for eternity.  I simply answered for sure as I am not a person that likes to say too much as most of you know.

The game was about to start and as I walked on the field, a strange calm came over me.  Now I don't claim to be the most religous person in the world but I felt something.  Suddenly I felt about a 5 mile an hour breeze behind me.  I turned around to look at our goal and as I did, I noticed the wind change direction by a 180 degrees and again it was directly behind me.  It seemed like every which way I turned, the wind was behind me.  I layed on the ground on my back and I could actually feel the wind coming right out of the ground and into my back.  At that moment, I realized there was no way we were going to loose this game.

We kicked off and immediatley, we scored 2 goals that were probably not deserved.  I heard a voice in my head say, "Now you are even and you are on your own".  I could only imagine the voice was saying we are even in return for the 2 cheap goals that Gold scored on us in the first game due to their unsportsmanlike behavior of starting the game early when we were short of players and not even giving us 2 extra minutes to start.

The rest of the story is as Greggor explained.  The entire defense totally dominated their offense. At times, Iyad and Nabil looked more like Paul Allen and John Koot trying to pass to each other.  Thomas K. was outstanding and I don't think I have ever seen Come On Man Cooley play so well.  Chuck played awesome in defense and midfield as well.  As Greggor mentioned he even had a shut out in the first half playing goal.  No how often does Greggor have a shut out in goal??  I don't think he could stop a balloon if you threw it at him.  (Just kidding Greggor.  I love you man.)

The midfield led by Dylan, Joe, Silla totally dominated.  Steve Johnson was all over the field and Juan played like he was in his 20's.  Even Greggor got in the action in the second half and he looked like the Greggor of a few seasons ago.  All over the field and destroying anything that got in his way.  Unfortunately it was Cooley a few times. 

The domination continued in the second half as Chuck Kim moved into goal although for about 10 minutes I did send him over to field 4a to scout the orange team as I told him we didn't need a goalie at this time the way Gold was playing.

Now you know how it all went down on Sunday. 






"Could feel the wind at my back while laying on the ground." That is literary poetry. Kevin's writing is now almost as good as his playing and strategy. This, folks, is another example of why Thee Magic is both the odds-on and fan favorite team.

Guest @ 2013-10-31 08:03:04

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