All MGASL are invited to dump some trash on (thee magic) this week for free

Posted by: Adam fofana on 2013-11-05 20:44:16

Last Sunday Kevin Mogadam was seeing sitting behind the trash can at field #5 with his head down, it was very pitiful view that you should not have missed.

And from there the following Q & A took place that we would like to share with you.

Q. Kevin why you look sad and sitting next to the trash can?

A. My team Blue is being trashed by Orange team 3-0 and the result could have being 10-0

Q. What was the cause for such terrible defeat with no single goal from thee magic?

A. He look up for several minutes and look down I believe he was trying to prevent that tear from dropping. He tried to smile but it looks like he was actually crying inside. At this point I wanted to stop the Q & A but I canít because American people deserve to know the True.

He looks at me as if I will leave now but I insist that I need to hear his answer. He took deep breath and start counting what he taught was the cause.

1st My Magic betrayed me. He told last week that I was on my own but I was in desperate need today because Orange with Josh is totally different from Goal. 

2nd Paul tied me in those skin bags and cause me collateral damages that I could not move freely in the field Iím going to sue him anyway.

3rd Eyad and Bill O led team of spies to find out about all my secrets since I defeated them last week and they passed these secrets to Josh.

4- John Koot saw me his true color today maybe from now on I should stop underestimating him.

At this point Kevin pulled his phone and called one of his runaway magicians (Reza Sidghi) and asked for an explanation for what has happened. To his disappointment the runaway magician told him that he quit practicing magic long time ago, he pointed out that what Kevin saw last week was elusion and can easily be defeated by true natural forces like the story of Moses in this case Josh who came to rescue his people/team. So what do you do now Mr ex magician for living? The runaway magician replied I practice law now. Kevin was happy to hear that, his face started regaining some of it natural beauty. hhh, his voice sound normal at this point, listen Reza I do have legal case against Paul. The skin bag I have being talking about for two seasons now causes me serious injuries and I want you to represent me in this case said Kevin. I will try my best the runaway magician replied.

In the court the Judge (Ref) quickly dismissed the case because Reza fails to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Paul was responsible for these damages. This was a great victory for Paul who has not win any case in the court for the past three years, he always walk away with red card a reason that has forced him to pull out from the over 30 league and the other reason is his FFFFFFFFFFFF words that every player in adult league has carried home piece of it. We hope he will return back to the league after this victory and change.

Knowing the legal case will not work for him, Kevin stated looking into his third season, at this point Iyad and Nabil arrived both men are Kevinís neighbors,  I can read in their faces the message of joy and happiness for the success of their operation, they both sat next to Kevin, it was the moment they missed last week (the time for picture) I did not miss the occasion I took my new phone (Samsung G S4) with it extraordinary camera and took the picture, this camera allow you as photographer to be in the picture as well without asking someone to take the picture for you, so I was included in the picture, you donít want to miss looking to this photo (emag) it is available in my phone let me know if you would like me to share with you. After photography season Kevin turns to the two men and said you are my neighbors (allies)?  Both men replied yes we are. Kevin continue his statement, hey Iyad you know spying on allies (EU) is unacceptable?

At this point Bill O who was listening to the whole entire conversation from distance looks to us and said (hey guys business as usual) and Iyad add you got the answer.

At this time the Orange team was honoring John Koot by giving him a special title of being (the man of the match) for denying Kevin any goal. He too passed by Kevin standing near the trash can and reminded him about some of the trash he throw at them he and Paul Allen. Hey Kevin, listen to me, I came here today to beat you and I proved it, remember I donít drive from McDonough 45 minute to be here for jock so donít underestimate me next time or the result will be worse than this.

The rest of the story is as Greggor said, he (admitted) that when he went home he went to the bad straight and did not wake up for 12 straight hours something he did not experience for the time unmemorable. He even admitted that he has not recover yet till now, the reason why you guys did not see any new post from him after last weekend games.

Perhaps this post will wake up both men from their deep sleep.

I left Mr Kevin cleaning the trash can and replacing the bag with blue, it may stay blue for another week.

Let wait and see.


This was written by someone but approved by Adam Fofana




last Sunday was a day of reckoning for thee magic and big mouth kevin

Guest @ 2013-11-06 08:59:43

I am just trying to give u guys a chance to write some posts. If I choose to win all the time, it won't be much fun. I'll be the only one posting.

Remember all this when the season ends and I am lining up my team in the goal while kevin Barnard takes our picture.


Guest @ 2013-11-06 10:08:37

or when I am taking pictures of you right after you get knocked off playoffs to the team that will be having pizza on my tab

Guest @ 2013-11-06 10:13:38

I forgot to sign last post

Guest @ 2013-11-06 10:16:08

You know, you keep offering pizzas to teams to beat me. I don't think you have ever had to buy them, but one of these days I am going to loose on purpose just so you will have to.

Too bad it won't be this season.

Guest @ 2013-11-06 15:18:28

By the way Adam. I recommend you don't write any more articles.

Greggor is in the process of removing your username and password and blocking your IP address from ever being able to log back on.

Kevin M.

Guest @ 2013-11-07 17:11:32

The coming article will worst after your defeat this coming weekend

Guest @ 2013-11-08 09:24:57

You should be in jail Adam for murdering the English language.


Guest @ 2013-11-08 10:45:55

Murdering English language is not a crime but murdering English man is the crime and that is what you did, tell me the truth who should go to jail?

Guest @ 2013-11-08 12:27:23

Becky - Holy Cow Kev, these turned out amesowe!!!!! Very creative! I'm so proud : ) I think the first one looks like you put them on the island on lost! lol soo cool! They are just a great looking family!

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