Three Teams Vying for Two Slots

Posted by: Unbiased Reporter on 2013-11-11 10:55:03
The pair of Magic teams have already secured the top two spots in the playoffs and Green has already been eliminated, but the remaining two slots are still up for grabs.

Three of the four possible scenarios have White making the playoffs; and although they hold their destiny in their own hands, in all likelihood, they are going to miss the big dance.

Scenarios 1 and 2: White defeats Black

If White beats Black, then White makes the playoffs, finishing either third or fourth with a point total of 16. The winner of the Orange-Gold match also advances to the playoffs. This situation, however, is extremely unlikely.

Scenarios 3 and 4: Black defeats White

It is fairly certain that one of these two scenarios occurs, which then means that the Orange-Gold match has implications for all three teams. If Orange wins, then Orange takes over the third spot in the rankings and Gold makes the final playoff spot.

If Big Brother wins, however, then both of the Al-Hussein brothers make it into the playoffs with Gold in third and White in fourth.

The Reality

The Royal / Green match has no implications for the order of the playoffs; Black will be first seed no matter how they play this weekend and Royal will be second seed. In reality, though, Black and Royal are going to win this upcoming weekend, putting all of White's hopes on the shoulders of Iyad. After finishing at the top of charts at the mid point, Gold will not be able to muster a win against Orange, and they don't really need to, whereas Orange is in a must win, do or die, sink or swim position and will defeat Gold who will fall to fourth but make the playoffs.

At the beginning of the season I predicted the playoffs would include Royal, Orange, Black, and Green with Gold and White relegated. I was unable to play in the first match up with Green as I was out of town and our next match up comes at the end of the season so I can't assess what happened with the Green team that was full of so much potential. The prediction that White and Gold would be at the bottom with Gold one position ahead of White was not too far off.

Black will cruise easily to the final game, playing against Gold in the Semi's but their dream of a championship will end there. THEE MAGIC have shown that they can readily toast Jar Jar and his Brown Marshmallows and Orange have Daryl Berryhill, so the winner of the Orange / Royal semi final game will be the league champion for this season.


We'll be missing Chris the next 2 games, and Ming is probably passed out it a ditch somewhere. That, along with the less than stellar play we've been bringing to the pitch lately, means white has a descent chance of making it in.


Guest @ 2013-11-11 12:17:11

Green had potential? Huh.

Guest @ 2013-11-11 12:33:07

Orange will beat Gold, Gold is missing their keeper and Hiram, Iyad is also injured and hasn't played much yesterday.
that means Black will finish in second and will play white again in the playoffs and probably loose again wihtout reeves.
the magic will play orange again and will loose to them again....what an interesting season!!!

Guest @ 2013-11-11 13:05:11

Why do u guys waste your time with these ridiculous posts ?

Blue will be champions. We lost to orange last time cause we didn't want to help gold.


Guest @ 2013-11-11 16:29:57

Nah, Black's going to pull it off, despite missing key players along the way. We've let plain-old-ordinary magic get their hopes up, but we'll be kicking it into another gear if they happen to make the finals. We just need all our guys to show up.


Guest @ 2013-11-11 20:30:06

If Orange wins this week both Nate and Kevin will not win championship! Both are nervously awaiting the outcome of this Orange / Gold game, which, sorry to say fellas, IS the GAME OF THE WEEK!!!!

Guest @ 2013-11-11 22:53:20

Point to soak on. If Orange had not put up 16 pts. on white when they were down 2 players with several of the one's playing severely injured, then white would be ahead of gold in point differential and make the playoffs regardless. gold has orange to thank for making the playoffs. As sad as it is, maybe white should have forfeited that game. Who showed better sportsmanship, white or orange?

Guest @ 2013-11-12 09:12:46

white team you need to remember that Gold let you forfeit your game against them when they passed you by five goals and ended the game.
Gold could have easily scored 15 more goals but that was the true sportsmanship.
I have to say, it was a stupid decision from White to play down 2 thinking they may have a chance against Orange. you guys have only your selves to blame

Guest @ 2013-11-12 09:19:03

do you guys feel how Nate is already coming up with excuses for losing this Sunday and in playoffs as well?
missing players is unfortunately part of this league, and I think the teams that suffered most because of that are Orange, White and stop whining and play the game

Guest @ 2013-11-12 09:37:00

I'm not planning on losing. White has a better chance than they normally do against us, but in the end we're going to send them packing.

Orange and Gold are playing eachother...?

Guest @ 2013-11-12 12:18:55

Watch out for green this weekend. They got that one guy on D.

Guest @ 2013-11-12 12:20:58

Hey commish. I think you should hold a game between 5th and 6th place on playoff weekend.
I really want to know who the better team is between you and green since you tied last time.


Guest @ 2013-11-12 15:16:14

That game is already on the schedule and has been since the start of the season.

Guest @ 2013-11-12 16:06:15

Cool. So we will finally see who is the better team. Ables green or Iyads gold.

Guest @ 2013-11-12 16:21:10

I have no doubt that we will beat Black this sunday

Guest @ 2013-11-12 19:59:15

I never post but here goes...any team that considers foreiting a game in a over 30 means league is sad at best. There is no foreiting in a mens league, take your beating like men and move on. Its simple as that. We haven't had Josh in 4 games this season, had he made them there would be no conversation of whether orange would make the finals this year. That being said, after we beat gold, I actually look forward to playing blue again in the semi's, we havent laid a beating like that on anyone this season and that includes our thrashing of white.


Guest @ 2013-11-13 13:20:38

thanks for posting Dale!
you had just earned the wrath of the Magic, it will be interesting playoff

Guest @ 2013-11-13 14:10:27

Consider yourself lucky Dale that I couldn't hit the side of a barn with my shot the last time we played. I should have scored 10 goals.

Will probably be playing u in the semis. Looking forward to it.


Guest @ 2013-11-13 14:24:05

sounds like a confident man, not the same tone from the current number one team captain

Guest @ 2013-11-13 15:05:24

You'll be getting your thrashing from Black, whoever you are. Odds are you already received one from us, but we have no problem doing it again. And the plain-old-ordinary magic will get theirs in the finals when they finally play us full strength.


Guest @ 2013-11-13 18:51:33

O yeah, and I feel for Orange. They'll never beat Black, but they should be second or third.


Guest @ 2013-11-13 19:03:57

If Jay didn't have to have knee surgery after the first 3 games then White would be in first place. They also had major injuries to Smith and Mark during the season and their stud goalie missed several games for personal reasons. Barre was an excellent addition to the team and if the others recover from some of their injuries, the rest of the teams better watch out. White might surpise.

Guest @ 2013-11-15 15:07:48

I'm afraid the injuries have been to much for white to surprise---but you never know. They could surprise everyone because they do have the talent.

Guest @ 2013-11-16 21:47:56

I rest my case - orange 9, gold 2

Guest @ 2013-11-17 23:36:29

I can already tell that's gonna be super helpluf.

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