The so called T (tiny) magic is dead again by Orange team

Posted by: Adam Fofana on 2014-05-27 02:00:58
People who do not read their history are blame to repeat it, K. M does not read his team history book otherwise he will do everything in his capacity to avoid meeting and challenging his Boss The Mighty Orange who passed on to him tiny magic wrapped in the white cloth sometime in the black that he called TEEEEEEE Magic but the Mighty orange keep the real Magic to themselves. Remember we did it last season we did it this season again and if you repeat the same mistake next season orange will deny you access to sensitive information about it magical world. The only bad feeling I have about this is cutting short the big but false hope that Moghadam has giving to commish about he wining the title and inviting the best photographer in the area to have the commish take one of his best photo with trophy in hand, the background was supposed to be KKDI (Kevin & Kevin did it), there are strong feeling that Maghodam was collecting briberies from players based on this promise that he could not deliver, now people are asking for their money back including the commish who put significant amount of money toward this because he feels his chances this time was very very high. Moghadam was in Macon Monday morning meeting with his top magiciant the missing guy in action Reza The lawyer, the two men were negotiating the way how to return people money back, the best advise his top magiciant gave him was to declar BANKRUPTCY because there is no way he can pay back this money, the monkeys has stolen the money from his closet long time ago and organized crazy party in the jangle somewhere in London and they are planing to steal the throphy this Sunday in the same monkey style which Orange will not allow them. Sorry guys no money no throphy. The good news for me is that K M has signed agreement with me stating that if my team beat his team again my one year service from Gardian security one of the best in home security will be free. I hope he will not revoke this agreement. With love From Fofana


Consider yourself very lucky I had 4 players not show up yesterday and was only planning on missing one of them.

This is an early present for u.


Guest @ 2014-05-27 15:46:59

That\'s just bad captaincy - a good captain such as Paul would have handled that easily

Guest @ 2014-05-27 16:12:58

At least I can make the playoffs every season. I can\'t say the same for Captain Paul.


Guest @ 2014-05-27 17:05:39

Paul just didn't have the right team yet. Paul has a team this season with players that are all competent. Your team has you and you got caught on a bad day....hey Carlos was there too! Live and learn...

Guest @ 2014-05-27 23:14:48

Are there some sour grapes from the Black Magic Captain? Sure sounds like there is some excuse making.


Guest @ 2014-05-29 12:41:28

Magic? You called and texted me all season saying you had this in the bag? I am lost? I can not imaging how that happened. Do you need Lallo and I to move back and carry you to another win!


Guest @ 2014-06-01 19:39:52

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