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Posted by: Adam Fofana on 2014-06-03 02:16:49
The Red Island Monkeys came to the field last sunday with one determination, to steal the championship in a monkey styles from the Mighty Orange as the black did last season in the last 15 minuts to end of the game. the Red Island Monkeys had even paid someone to arrange for a century most awaited crazy party somewhere in the jungle in London or Paris. This was to mark the end of Paul's era and his final retirement from over 30 league, however both teams the T magic and R monkeys had nightmares when the relized that they have to meet the Mighty Orange team with its most admired captain Josh and the the professional player including the dangerouse right foot Adam Fofana, who has recovered from long time ankle injury caused by the magic of both teams to keep him out of competition. The Mighty Orange strategized their plan around one thing; to cut off the tails of red monkeys and let them run for a while before finishing them, the secret is that monkeys without tails can not run fast or for long time because it is their tails that keep them moving. if you don't know that they will win against you all the time, you may want to know what is or where can you find the tail, well join the Mighty Orange next season we will pass the secret to you. till then it remains exclusive only to Mighty Orange team members. I must admit that the game was very clean and enjoyable free from any F word a huge improvement for the monkey's captain actually for the first time seeing him playing the whole game without any problem (congratulation that is actually a winning for you) keep up Mr. captain. the original time finish with 3-3 and the winning goal came at the extra time. after the game both Paul and Kevin came in submision and bow their head to show respect and Paul actualy kiss my right golden foot. the 1st of June will be remembered in the history as the month in wich I qualified for citizentship of this great nation and my team and I honor this day by defeating all the nations including the British to claim the championship I must admit that I did invoke the names of the founding fathers and invite their spirit to be on my team side to see the victory coming true and it worked. with love for everybody in over 30 league especially Paul and Kevin for giving you guy big headache all the time. Adam Fofana


Adam, now that you are a US citizen I feel it would benefit you greatly if you learned English.

Guest @ 2014-06-03 15:14:36

I will do that thanks for your advice. as matter of fact I have taken some special classes on the proper pronunciation of the F word and I can say it now very loud without any problem do you want to hear it?

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