Playoff Predictions

Posted by: kevin moghaddam on 2014-11-12 10:09:54
Although I did not post last week, no one is surprised that I made the correct call on who would win each game. I even picked the score correctly in 3 of 4 games. This week I am picking the white team to beat Orange 4-2. Paul will have revenge on his mind after walking off in the finals last season after getting destroyed by Josh even though he was heavily favored in the match. There is a rumor that Paul took a 3 week sabbatical to India after that match. I do give Orange a chance but Josh will have to play the game of his life with Dale Pressley out of this game and who know when Adam Fafano decides to show up. In the other semi-final game, The Magical Red team will get by blue 6-4. Blue will put up a great fight, but in the end, the Red team will prove that the loss to Blue earlier in the season was just a fluke. My finals prediction will come later. Kevin M.


Who does not remember last season's predictions it is the same perediction and is done by the same person
Wait and see what orange will do to both of you.

Guest @ 2014-11-15 21:03:40

Since my team is out I can make unbiased predictions unlike those of Kevin M. White beats orange 4-3, Kevin is correct Josh and the boys will fight hard but Paul's defense will be the difference. Paul and Abel will create enough to close out the game. Blue beats Red 5-4 or 6-5. Expect a boat load of goals in this one. Red will start the scoring and will most likely be the better team for most of the game but blue will come back to win. Blue has speed and strength on their side with Adam and Shabaz and will most likely have superior fitness over 60 mins. Only way red can pull it off is if they open the lead wide in the first half. Kevin will fight hard but without a solid back line Carlos will be able to create a number of chances for blue.

Guest @ 2014-11-16 02:10:26

Here's my prediction for today.

Adam will show up 20 minutes into the first half, scream and cry about not receiving enough passes, then put one over the woodwork from 2 feet out.

Fez will make multiple empty promises regarding scoring goals and his prowess as a goalkeeper.

The tall thin bald guy, not to be confused with the tall fat bald guy, will either have a good game or loose his temper and revive at least 1 card.

Dale...out due to injury.

Bill...out due to red card.

Josh, the heart of the team, with a nagging injury will need to play the game of his life.


Doug, the tall fat bald guy, and the girl on D, are the strongest line on Orange, but won't be enough for Whites strikers.

Final 7-2, White

Guest @ 2014-11-16 11:44:47

Good season guys. Blue it was a pleasure to play with each of y'all. It's ashame we lost the way we did today. Unfortunately some players think it's ok to intentionally elbow people in the chest when their foot skills alone aren't enough to pass a defender. And it's even more unfortunate that the refs dont pay attention. By the way most men apologize after a bad play or obviously intentional foul, especially if their team is up, and most men also pick a player to foul that doesn't have the ability to throw you to the ground like a doll and break you. Luckily their are gentlemen in the league who show pity on those so weak they must foul to win. Good luck to all of those players on the red team who are allowed to play next Sunday.


Guest @ 2014-11-16 19:38:38

Foot skills aren't enough ! !
I did get two goals while we managed to shut you all out. The only goal u got was a gift from above or something. So you really lost 2-0.
Good luck next season.
And I am pretty sure I didn't get broken as u may have noticed.
Great team win Red. We deserved it.
Kevin M.

Guest @ 2014-11-16 22:03:36

There was highly questionable gentlemaly conduct on both sides of that pitch. Enough about that.Let's talk about the ESPN worthy double save at the end of that game! After the initial save, the keeper had enough left to get his left arm up and deny Adam a goal, that by all rights deserved to sit in the back of the net.

Guest @ 2014-11-17 09:36:53

I would like to say thank you to the person who posted above disrespecting my Back Line. Kevin Barnard took that extremely personal.

It gave us the extra motiviation we needed to shut out Blue even though I was out of the game for the last 20 minutes. Really proud of my Old Ass defense with an average age of around 50 or more.

Kevin M.

Guest @ 2014-11-17 09:48:08

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that Travis played a heck of a game especially on that last save at the end of the game. It made up for the goal you let in that I think my 8 year old son could have stopped. LOL.

Kevin M.

Guest @ 2014-11-17 09:58:09

Hey now, in my defense, I had already gotten blasted by Adam. Consequently, when I heard those footsteps again, I thought I was going to get run over again, so I got a little scared and let in it. Even on the last two saves of the game I was a little wary. After the first save where I parried it very nicely only to see Adam bearing down on it, I just knew I was going to get hit but still had the brass balls enough to try and get up and in the way. Obviously it worked but I was still pretty sure it was going to end up with me going to the emergency room, LOL!

Guest @ 2014-11-17 11:57:44

I watched the game, and I gotta say, Mog throws some beautiful elbows. Perfect form.

Guest @ 2014-11-17 15:16:25

In my defense, u would have thrown an elbow too if u have gotten your ankles kicked as many times as he kicked mine.

Guest @ 2014-11-17 15:19:57

The elbow was ok but the body slam that followed was very nicely executed

Guest @ 2014-11-17 16:01:37

This is to prove to y'all that Jush is The Captain of over thirty ( BRAVO MON CAPTAIN), zero record of red card clean play alway positive I enjoy playing with him.
The rest of them should be sent to some disciplinary committee to teach them what over 30 means and diciplinary action should be taking to exclude them from captainship for two seasons. Few years ago it was the bad language that everyone was complaining about now is bad actions not words. Come on grow up guys.
Orange is the team that should win this championship again as we did last season by play and by discipline, we just throw it away and the absent of deal did not help us, yes we do have some bad apples but each team is judged by the leadership style of their captain and how he trys his best to make it fun for all. Paul and Kevin sould go in the history of over 30 as the worst, the most red carded captains, both guys always trying to win by all means even with elbow or abusing the referees to pull the win.
Go and learn from the team Orange captain what over 30 means and what it means to have fun not a fight.

Approved by fafano

Guest @ 2014-11-17 18:05:44

The team members of those captains shouldn't be lumped in when it comes to dirty play, etc. There are a bunch of great players on those two teams that still play the game cleanly without abusing anyone

Guest @ 2014-11-17 21:42:02

Hello gentlemens a'm Abel I' want to say that this sunday is the last game for me to thanks all of you was an honor played with everyone see you soon

Guest @ 2014-11-17 22:04:33

If the beers would have taken care of business on OT last week we wouldn't be talking about magic's red card....... But then again "their plan is working to perfection".

Guest @ 2014-11-17 22:06:21

Just want to add my two cents. This year playoffs have been spectacular. Finally, we will have a new champion. Since neither Paul nor Kevin are playing and they cannot coach either they cannot claim the championship.

I am still in disbelief at a total of 5 red cards in the two games. Any predictions as to what is next?


Guest @ 2014-11-18 10:41:16

Just want to add my two cents. This year playoffs have been spectacular. Finally, we will have a new champion. Since neither Paul nor Kevin are playing and they cannot coach either they cannot claim the championship.

I am still in disbelief at a total of 5 red cards in the two games. Any predictions as to what is next?

Guest @ 2014-11-18 10:41:57

The few minutes I caught of Red vs. Blue looked more like a UFC fight than soccer match:P


Guest @ 2014-11-18 15:05:10

You should have seen the first few minutes of the Orange/White game. Hard tackles, pushing, punching. Multiple yellows and reds within 5 minutes.

Guest @ 2014-11-18 19:20:27

Such a feisty thread ... all the trash talking and back and forth ... ya bunch of hooligans! hahaha!!

BTW .. Who doesn't appreciate The Beers coming out to watch the games? I mean what a good spirit! Everyone has to appreciate their sense of fun by heckling all 4 teams on Sunday. They deserve some high quality Natty Light!!

Guest @ 2014-11-19 10:08:01

When are pickup games starting back?

Guest @ 2014-11-22 13:01:21

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