Commissioner Barnard Rejects Magic's Retirement Packet

Posted by: kevin moghaddam on 2015-04-13 21:12:15
After repeated threats of boycott by members of the mgasl league, the commish rejected Kevin's retirement paperwork. Rumor has it that a petition was started and garnered over 300 signatures in only 3 hours immediately following Sunday's games. Apparently the league needs the little Magic a lot more than he needs the league. After losing Cuthbert this season, the league simply can not survive without the Magic's Loud Mouth. So in conclusion, good news for everyone. Moghaddam will be joining his fellow Magic teammates this Sunday on the pitch and Therefore there will be no need for a strike or picket signs.


To quote Gomer Pyle. "Surprise surprise surprise". Is anyone shocked Kevin's balls are a size 2 in a size 5 league? I would have been impressed if he had backed all his banter up with actions. No one said you couldn't watch.

Guest @ 2015-04-13 21:34:41

The last thing in my life that I am worried about is impressing you !!
Kevin M.

Guest @ 2015-04-14 06:33:43

As predicted. He has pulled Arnold as the Terminator. "I'll be back." My guess is Barnard would be happy to avoid the paperwork and law suit threats from the Red Card Magician (AKA Kevin Moghaddam). By the way there would still have been one Moghaddam in the league.


Guest @ 2015-04-14 15:46:03

4-0. Thats all that matters

Guest @ 2015-04-14 16:43:48

You would think that after promising Barnard a championship for the past three or four seasons and then losing out to the "lesser" teams he would not be so quick to put out guarantees anymore. Je laid the challenge down and it was accepted and made.


Guest @ 2015-04-15 12:01:54

The "inferior" teams have no chance against Magic's supreme power. I'm afraid our green goblin team is going to get squashed this weekend


Guest @ 2015-04-16 11:26:13

Whoever you are posting, you need to stop signing other people's names. Be brave and sign your own name. I know for a fact that Iyad did not write the above comment. Now, I am sure deep inside, Iyad agrees with the above comment just like the rest of the league, but it's still not cool.

Kevin M.

Guest @ 2015-04-16 21:25:39

Look here...don't drag my name in on this situation...I wasn't the one who boasted on a post and then couldn't back it up?

The Commish

League Administrator @ 2015-04-19 09:55:18

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Guest @ 2015-05-06 00:16:03

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Guest @ 2015-05-06 12:00:58

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