League Guidelines

Posted by: Unbiased Reporter on 2015-09-13 10:05:37

The over 30 team assignments & schedule have been posted to mgasl.org.  Please take a minute to look over and KNOW who's team you are on.  I am recommending that you be at Macon Soccer Club fields Sept 13 by no later than 2:30 to meet your team, get jersey, stretch & warm up, and take care of business with me!  Some of you have not given me your registration and payment and this must be done PRIOR to playing tomorrow.  To speed things up because opening day is hectic for me, please go to mgasl.org, print off registration form at bottom of home page, fill out completely, attach payment at top, and hand off to me at tent tomorrow.  I will not have time to hand our registrations & wait for you to fill out as I have many duties to handle before I get to play just like each of you!

A couple of things we need to talk about.....

  1. Shin guards & MGASL jersey are required to play.
  2. No slide tackling!  (this is so no one gets hurt because at our age, it's not worth it)
  3. Each team has 11 players & it's up to each of you to substitute or play equal amounts. Don't come running up to me complaining about playing time...take that up with your captain.  We are set up for 7v7 matches...but if both teams have 9 or more players show up then it's automatically 8v8.  If a match starts 7v7 & more players show up, then game goes to 8v8 when enough players present.
  4. Red cards & yellow cards...Keep yourselves under control!  If you receive a red card, don't come whining to me!  1st red card = 1 game suspension...2nd red card = 2 game suspension...3rd red card = DONE FOR SEASON!  You've been warned so please remember we're a recreational league with families present so watch your mouths and don't get those cards!
  5. Rain outs...I have no control over cancelling games as the fields belong to Macon Soccer Club and their officials will contact me on Sunday mornings if field are closed to inclement weather.  I will post by 1:00pm on mgasl.org the status of fields/games for that day so please check it.  I will not be sending out mass texts any more as this takes up way too much of my time.  I will text each captain so you may want to give your cell #'s to your captain for communication purposes.  With 10 games this regular season, there is no room for make up games.  I will adjust schedule as needed.  Each team is scheduled to play each other once then 3 seeded games to finish season.  If a rain out occurs, seeded games will be bumped so that each gets to play every opponent.
  6. I will update the mgasl.org site every Sunday night with the results of the days matches.  Standings go like this:  win = 3 points, tie = 1 point, loss = 0 points.  Goal differential is also kept to improve standings when there is a tie in points.
  7. All teams make the play offs this season as follows:  1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6, 4 vs 5 in 1st round...semifinals 1/8 winner vs 4/5 winner & 2/7 winner vs 3/6 winner.  PLEASE LOOK AT THE SCHEDULE!  Every season I get players who whine about play offs and they're out of town...plan your away time appropriately as schedule is set and we finish 12/13.Only Sunday we don't play this fall is 11/29 (Thanksgiving weekend).
  8. Lastly, please pick up your trash and don't leave it on the fields.  I am required to have fields clean when I lock up so help me out!  If you bring an adult beverage to the field for refreshment time after your match, THE EMPTY MUST GO HOME WITH YOU AND NOT PLACED IN THE TRASH CANS!  Not my rule but the club's rule!

If any of you ever need to contact me, feel free to call/text/email me.  Looking forward to another great season of over 30 soccer and see you all on the pitch!

Kevin Barnard
MGASL Commish


The rules for adult beverages apply no matter when you drink them, not just after the match, so if you are like Alan Bass and you like to have pound down a cold berf at halftime, you have to pick that up, also. Just sayin.

Web Site Admin @ 2015-09-13 10:08:47

What happened in the Magic vs Green game? Holy macaroni.

Guest @ 2015-09-14 07:35:08

That team was doomed the second Kevin Barnard agreed to let Koot be the Captain.

Guest @ 2015-09-14 08:42:10