Magic Take Care of Business Against Beers

Posted by: kevin moghaddam on 2016-10-18 22:22:07
The Beers went into this game with so much confidence and truly believed that they could finally knock off the Magic. James Freeman started the weekend getting down as much protein as he could as he grilled ribs for his entire team. Jake Tootle had brought enough beers for the entire Beer circle to celebrate a victory. The game started out close. The Beers were planning to keep the defense tight and attack with Carlos and Junior. The plan seemed to be working as the Magic were having a tough time putting anything together. The Beers got an early score and Jake Tootle was already thinking about all the crap he was going to talk to Moghaddam after the game. The Magic were having a very difficult time putting down the Beers. Very much like when Moghaddam tries to put down one of those nasty ass IPAs Dan Pittman is always drinking. The Magic finally broke lose as Robert Morse beat 3 defenders by himself and scored a beautiful goal that made Tim Gluvna cry. The game ended at 1-1 at halftime with both teams thinking they could win the second half. The Magic came out strong in the second half with 2 quick goals by Moghaddam and Yasir. Everyone got involved in the scoring after that with Yasir scoring more goals, Robert scoring again and Allan Bass scored a beautiful goal on the left side as well. Chris Harris and Mike Horan were like a wall back in the defense as no one was getting by. The entire team was strong as the Beers could do no more. The Magic won the game 7-1. By the end of the game, The Beers were going down as smoothly as case of Kirkland Light.


Lol. You forgot to mention Freeman's water broke in the 2nd half. Next up highlighters and then we got a score
To settle with the Zombies.

Magic Keeper

Guest @ 2016-10-18 22:44:17

Don't forget about us Kevin. My team is playing great soccer. Crushing the Warner Brothers easily. We will win the league.
-Bashar (White Lightning)

Guest @ 2016-10-18 23:04:32

I would like to add..... Grey won today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I've said before, waitin for the playoffs!

Guest @ 2016-10-30 20:27:51

Playoff predictions, anyone?

Guest @ 2016-10-31 15:33:48

Zombie end up playing Sang in semis after upsetting A Joshless highlighter squad. Bashar plays Kevin but cannot overcome the Mogahaddam curse leading to a Magic vs Zombie Unicorn Final. That game could go either way but 9 0ut of 10 people polled say The Yellow Neon Dreamteam will hoist the title. Making Matts Squad consecutive Fall Champions(Sharknado in Fall 2015). That's how I see it going. I Fofana and I approve dis message.

Guest @ 2016-10-31 22:46:53

Playoff prediction: I think WB, Zombie, Magic will move on. My upset will be that The Beers 🍻 will humiliate Bashars team by scoring a ridiculous amount of goals and both Alhussien brothers will forever be ashamed of themselves. Nabil wil politely ask Bashee to never draft him again. "We can be friends but, please, pick a different striker." Kevin the commissioner said he wasn't expecting a victory but then again the white lightning is notorious for shatting the bed during playoffs. What a performance by the legendary soccer-alcoholics known as the Beers. They face Kevin next week and the Magic is a little nervous. What a season!


Guest @ 2016-11-07 11:12:24