Over 40 Team Assignments

Posted by: Unbiased Reporter on 2017-03-10 10:34:44
Gold Blue
Kevin BarnardWilliam Boggess
John KoutsantanouVittorio Bruno
Katelyn BarnardAdam Fofana
Nathan DeesBob Story
Angel OliverosDarryl Wolfe
Will DavisJuan Hernandez
Dale PressleyDoug Pearson
Timothy GluvnaSteve Delange
Gregor JenningsHeather Bird
Arty PassiasKevin Moghaddam
Anthony Narsing
David SmithAran MacKinnon
Thomas KaczmarskiAaron Cooley
James FreemanTripp Shimp
John SmithFred Neyman
Bryan WaldeMike Redman
Dan PittmanHiram Wilson
Jake TootleKeith Hamon
Anna HernandezBrian Geary
John SkvasikMike Horan
Brian FicklerBrett Strozykowski
Christopher BirdJenny Strozykowski


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