Posted by: Gregor Jennings on 2009-03-23 13:36:08
  1. Equipment - Shin guards must be worn during matches with long socks completely covering the shin guards.  MGASL SHIRT MUST BE WORN!
  2. No slide tackling.
  3. No off sides
  4. Goalkeeper NO PUNTING!  Keeper must throw or roll the ball out. Keeper must wear different shirt from his team or a vest over team shirt
  5. No foul language will be tolerated.  MGASL encourages a family atmosphere at the matches and children will be present.  First offense could result in a yellow card and second offense of yellow = red card and expulsion from match.  If expelled from a match, player must sit out next match.
  6. Direct and indirect free kicks will be used in matches.  Opposing players must give kicking team 6 yards from ball. Penalty kicks will be taken on fouls determined by referee in the penalty box.
  7. Substitutions can be made by either team on any dead ball as long as it's not used as a delay tactic.
  8. Kickoffs can be played backwards and cannot be scored off direct kick.  If kickoff touched twice (indirect) then goal will be scored.
  9. Matches will play 7 v 7 (GK + 6 field).  Each team must have at least 6 players present to begin match play and for match to count as legal.  Less than 6 players present for match AT KICKOFF will result in a forfeit.  If both teams have only 6 players present AT KICKOFF then they can play 6 v 6 but cannot go to 7 v 7 until both teams have 7 or more players.  If one team has 6 players present and the other team has 7 or more AT KICKOFF, the team with 7 will play 7 v 6.  If both teams have max players (11-12) show up BEFORE KICKOFF and BOTH CAPTAINS agree then you may play 8 v 8.  If a match once begins with 7 v 7 you can not jump to 8 v 8.
  10. Matches will consist of (2) 35 min. halves with a 10 minute halftime.  Matches must start on time to stay on schedule so please be on time.  There will not be any grace time extended to give teams time for players running late.
  11. Only team captains will be able to address the referee on any dispute or question.  RESPECT MUST BE GIVEN TO THE REFEREES AND DO NOT QUESTION THEIR CALLS.  If a referee has a problem with a player it could result in expulsion from a match.  If a player has a problem with a referee then he needs to discuss with league director.
  12. Scoring for matches:  Win = 3, Tie = 1, Loss = 0. If 2 teams end the season in a tie with points, then goal differential will determine the outcome and higher seed.  Only playoffs or championship matches will play (1) 10 min. overtime period (silver goal) and if still tied after overtime will go to penalty kicks to determine winner.   All teams in spring 2009 over 30 will make the playoffs with seeding to be determined by season standings.
  13. Conduct yourselves accordingly and remember that children are present.  MGASL will not tolerate players getting out of hand and you could be asked to leave the grounds.  Suspended players will have to gain the permission of the Adult League directors (Open - Tripp Shimp, Over 30 - Kevin Barnard) to resume play with MGASL.  If problems persist, you could be expelled for rest of season and not be able to return to play at MGASL.  No refunds will be given for any player expelled.
  14. Any other rule of play not specifically mentioned in these MGASL rules will follow USSF rules and regulations of play for soccer.

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