What is a tag and what is the cloud?

Posted by: Gregor Jennings on 2009-06-01 10:03:16
A tag is one or more references to an entry. For example, a posting about team assignments for the current season may be tagged as spring2009, over30, and teamassignments. By tagging information in this way, related posts may be logically found.

The cloud, then, is a graphical representation of the number of posts associated to a tag; the larger the text for the tag, the more associated posts there are. Looking at the current site, you can see that that greatest number of posts are associated with fall2008 and very few are associated with weather. (This information is only current as of the date of this post; the cloud automatically recalculates the font sizes based upon the posts.)

The site supports dynamic tag creation (you can create a new tag out of thin air) along with providing a list of existing tags. All tags are automatically converted to all lower case and spaces delineate two or more different tags.

You will notice that there are no tags currently for openleague; but if someone from the open league wanted to post something, then presumably they will create a new tag, along with possibly using other tags.

This arrangements of tags and clouds is standard tech / terminology in the Web 2.0 world, in particular with blogs. Most persons who write blogs will self tag their own articles with multiple tags so that readers of the blog who may like a particular article will be able to navigate to similar articles.


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