Rematches to Come in Week 8

Posted by: Unbiased Reporter on 2010-03-07 17:03:37
As is often the case, many teams don't believe that the first week results reflect properly on their teams' true ability. This is most often heard from the teams that start 0-1. Historically, however, week 1 results tend to hold consistently throughout the remainder of the season. Nonetheless, everyone will have an opportunity for redemption on April 25 when all of today's pairings will happen again.

Rather than focusing on the misguided belief that somehow teams will find the way to surmount the across the board 3 goal minimum deficit, players and captains should instead be focused upon week 2. Week 2 opponents may only come around once this season, with the possible exception of playoff pairings.

So everyone put today behind them, and start preparing for next Sunday.

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