Gray Narrowly Defeats Green

Posted by: Unbiased Reporter on 2010-03-22 11:11:07
Gray played their game short handed, with team captain Josh Trieste and goal keeper Kyle Brown unavailable for play. Much of the credit for the victory has to be attributed to Danelle Miller for the Gray team, who stepped up and played like a veritable maniac on the field. Gregor Jennings stepped in at goal and was as effective as sieve holding water.

Gray never trailed during the match, but Green pulled even on several occasions, so the outcome was never certain. Gray scored first, to take the initial lead. Green's first goal came off a shot that was initially blocked by Jennings that rolled to Anton Haven who was uncovered on the backside; from about eight feet out he easily put the ball away for the score. Later in the first half, Gray was called for handball in the box. Haven for Green took the PK, placing the ball in the bottom right corner for the goal, leaving Jennings standing like he didn't know what day of the week it was. At the halfway point, Gray held on to a one point lead with the score 4-3.

With only minutes remaining and facing a 1 point deficit, Anton Haven controlled the ball on the wing, with Adam Fofana uncovered in the goal. Jennings was blocked out of position by Annette Weiche, but the pass from Haven passed between Fofana and the goal to end up out of bounds. Green had at least two other decent shots on goal as time was winding down. Keeper Jennings was unable to fully control the ball, but did manage to get a hand on both shots, the first time following up with another hand tap that resembled someone experiencing a seizure, and the second time with a short pooch kick as time ran out.

Dale Pressley was charged with maintaining Gray team organization in Trieste's abscence, which he performed superbly, along with substantial on-field contributions, including goals with both the right and left foot. Andrew Myler, Dale Wongk, and Brian Joynt anchored a strong defense that kept much of the game on the other end of the field, and each had several break away offensive series. Although the complete box score wasn't recorded, Joynt was responsible for at least one of Gray's goals. Paul Allen and James Dunna joined field dynamo Danielle Miller and ambidextrous, interim-captain Pressley on the offensive side, providing strong ball movement. Darryl Wolfe played for the Gray and he kicked the ball out of bounds a lot.

The game was a closely contested and enjoyable match. The two teams will go head-to-head again in week 9. Just one or two shots different and the game could have gone the other way, so look for Green to seek redemption on May 2nd.


why are you writing articles regarding green. who cares about green. They couldn't beat an under 12 girls team.

Guest @ 2010-03-22 16:31:53

Although that may be an accurate assessment of Green, I was actually writing about Gray who happened to be playing against Green. I could try to write about the other games that I don't actually get to see. I guess they would go something like this: Black played against Blue, with the former shouting their directions in Arabic and the latter shouting in Spanish. Iyad dribbled too much but never took a shot, but fortunately Nabil was there. Fickler hit some balls with his head. Thomas Kaczmarski was injured in the game. White beat Orange with their one dimensional offense consisting of Kevin and Lallo got frustrated a few times but also smiled a lot. Red tied Gold, but it doesn't really matter because Cuthbert will bring Red deep into the finals but lose a game by ensuring that he receives a red card.

Guest @ 2010-03-22 21:04:51

Not Bad.

Guest @ 2010-03-26 00:03:19