Red Remains Only Unbeaten

Posted by: Unbiased Reporter on 2010-03-29 12:51:03
The regular season pattern for the Over 30 league continues again. The teams have once again divided themselves into the haves and the have nots, or possibly the halves and halve nots, with a clear delineation between the top half and the bottom half in the rankings.

Also present this weekend is the typical spring break no-shows. Both Gold and White were forced to play their games short handed and both suffered defeat. Earlier comments about White being a one man show may have been incorrect, as even with the absence of team captain Moghaddam, White incurred only a one point loss. Gold, unfortunately, did not fare as well, with the bulk of their defense gone. Notably absent were team captain Kevin Barnard, along with Bill O'Daniel and Russ Pohl.

Gray were the primary benefactors of the understaffed Gold team, scoring 12 goals. The 11 goal differential in the game allowed Gray to vault over Black and White into second place with the current best-in-league differential. With an 8-0 lead at halftime, Gray changed out their goalie to allow Kyle Brown out onto the field. Big Mistake. Once again for emphasis: Big Mistake. Kyle managed to put in a good solid 20 seconds of play before a game ending knee injury. Absent for the Gray was last week's star Danielle Miller, and double goal scorer and all around fast playing Brian Joynt. James Dunna also voluntarily left the playing field to referee the Blue / White game. Gray got two of their twelve goals on deflections, one off of Gold's Gus Barragan and another off the back of Andrew Myler when the goalie was attempting to clear the ball. Darryl Wolfe was again present and took many shots on goal but only succeeded in kicking the ball out of bounds even more than last week. The lone point for Gold came from the always impeccable game play of Ming Vilayvong. Single handedly (or footedly) on the right side, with double teaming defenders, Vilayvong made a crossing shot into the far corner of the goal where it sailed past Gray tender Gregor Jennings.

The Orange / Black game was close until the waning minutes with the score tied at four all. Orange has played against three of the top four currently ranked teams in the first four weeks of the season. It remains to be seen whether or not their close contest with Black is a sign that they may improve their win-loss ratio as they play some of the currently lower rated teams. Even if we do see them move back up the rankings, expect it to be brief and rematches with week one and three teams will certainly see them falling out middle of the pack at best.

Red remains the only unbeaten team thus far but expect them to plummet in the standings as they encounter the difficult portion of their schedule with games against Gray, White, and a rematch with Black on successive Sundays beginning on April 11. If it wasn't for the Saturday game against Blue, it is likely that the Red Brit-boy captain would be sobbing into his teacup.

By the luck of the draw, the 8 team schedule looks as though it will validate the top performing regular season teams, with many of the top teams being forced to go head-to-head on multiple occasions:
  • Red / Black
  • Red / Gray
  • Gray / White
  • White / Black
White, Gray, and Black should have one relatively easy double-up game, matching up with Orange, Green, and Blue. Conversely, Red and their limey Inselaffen captain will have to face their current nemesis Gold.


I expect Red to finish 3rd at best, it is definitely not a candidate for championship....White is.

Guest @ 2010-03-30 18:15:55

I like whoever wrote this comment. Finally a person that understands talent.

Guest @ 2010-04-02 16:53:01

This is Kevin, and as captain of the White team, I know we are overrated. Thanks for your support, but we don't deserve it. Usually when we win it is just because we are lucky or the other team gets bad calls from the ref. I'm personally stepping out and saying that the actual best team this season has to be Gold. If it wasn't for being shorthanded, they would be in first and well deserved. I should stick with home decorating and cooking as was discussed last season, but I like to come to the soccer field each week to see everyone in their shorts.

Guest @ 2010-04-03 16:11:57

How has the talent of Paul Cuthbert gone unnoticed by MLS teams? He is wasting away playing with the old geezers in Macon. Cuthbert for England!!!

Guest @ 2010-04-07 13:56:06

everyone knows its not just THE CUTHBERT to whom is the most superior in this league, but rather the central defender Chase Drew who is the glue on this team.

Guest @ 2010-04-07 22:30:15

Cuthbert for the MLS.....come on, surely he has not plummeted to such depths, i think he could play in a stronger league than that, despite his gray hair

Guest @ 2010-04-07 23:23:47

My money would be on Cuthbert against Chase Drew any day of the week. I have seen better defenders playing football at the Macon Academy for the Blind. If Chase is the glue to this team then they are going to become unstuck any game now.

Guest @ 2010-04-09 14:05:25

With Mr Drew absent yesterday and red destroying (albeit a severely understrength) white team it would seem that red has a "super-glue " in Mr Cuthbert

Guest @ 2010-04-19 14:50:37

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