Possible Meteoric Rise of Gold on Sunday

Posted by: Unbiased Reporter on 2010-04-24 00:15:57
With the large number of upsets that occurred on Saturday, only one change occurred in the rankings, with Gray and Red swapping places. Sunday's games, however, have the ability to change the landscape. Either Gray or White should move to five wins, barring a tie. Black holds their destiny in their own hands. A revenge win against Red assures them the top spot in the rankings, but a Red win could vault Red from 3rd place to the top of the charts with some help from White.

Neither White nor Gray can expect to finish the day alone at the top of the list. At best White will be behind either Red or Black, no matter which team wins or even if the teams tie.

Gray could be at the top of the list with another Red victory, provided Gray can win and maintain their goal differential, although they will still be tied with Red in the win/loss category.

If all of the planets align, Gold could see the biggest single day jump. Gold will likely emerge victorious in their pairing with Green on Sunday, which will give them a record of 4-2-2. If Black wins, White and Gray tie, and Gold wins by 24 goals, Gold will move from fifth place to second behind Black, with the top 5 teams sorted like this:
  1. Black 6-2-0
  2. Gold 4-2-2
  3. Gray 4-2-2
  4. White 4-2-2
  5. Red 4-3-1
So, Barnyard, while you are professing the resurgence of the Gold team, remember that you need to win by at least 24 goals.

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