What a Difference a Goal Can Make

Posted by: Unbiased Reporter on 2010-04-25 18:33:20
Gray was able to better White today in their rematch with a tally of 5-4. The results curb White's one game win streak and drops White to sixth place in the regular season. Had White managed to win over Gray as in the first week of the season, White would be sitting in second place in the rankings rather than in sixth, and Gray would be in fourth. Amazing what a difference a goal can make in the overall results.

Gray was able to do a much better job of controlling Abel in today's match, although Abel was able to 5-hole the Gray keeper with five minutes to go in the game to draw the score even. John Smith for White put away two scores from the backside, and captain Kevin Mo put in a bender from the center of the field.

Gray was hampered by missing players, with their primary keeper out for what appears to the be remainder of the season and Andrew Myler absent, captain Josh had to continually run the length of the field to take the goal kicks as the interim Gray keeper can barely manage to kick the ball further than a 3rd grade school girl, and sometimes not even that far. The return of Danielle Miller to the Gray line up was a welcome site both Saturday and Sunday, and the absence of Dale Pressley and Dale Wongk was felt in Gray's Saturday tie with Orange. Fortunately Pressley was able to arrive shortly after the start of the second half today and Wongk was suited up for the complete match.

Daryl Wolfe and Dale Wongk may need to be checked for concussions after today's game, with the pair teaming up an inestimable number of defensive headers. The defensive headers proved to be good training, as Wongk drove a Gray corner kick in for a header goal. Wolfe appears to have changed his M.O., no longer content to simply kick the ball out of bounds, he has taken up head shots in full force. As documented last week, Wolfe seems ready to drop to his knees for a header if necessary.

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