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Posted by: Gregor Jennings on 2010-05-10 10:10:45
Everyone has the ability to create a news post and then go back later to revise or remove it. The problem is is that no one seems to want to take responsibility for their comments. Currently the web site has global settings for comments, allowing unattributed comments across the board or requiring a sign in. I'm going to review some of the web site design to allow the originating poster to determine whether or not anonymous comments are allowed. I'm open to any suggestions to improve the site functions. I want to create a forum where everyone can contribute their opinions and post their positions, but the lack of accountability from anonymous posts needs to be reviewed.


What a game from black this last weekend! Quickly down in the first half, despite the numbers which favored them, it seemed as if black was on their way to a loss for sure! That was until the second half, when the heat began to finally wear down the outnumbered white, who up until this point were still pressuring black! With Fickler awaiting his call by the masterminded captain, white was unaware how much energy drink Fickler had consumed before the game! Although he left his post at right back once he came in, and allowed some short lookin guy with yellow cleats to swivel passed him and take a beautiful shot from afar, Fickler seemed to still have some of that Gatorade super drink left in him. With black down 4-1, the cry for offense came from the defense! With that said, the pressure from white began to settle, the mo was seeming to swing in black's favor. The injury's to two of the few players white had on the pitch were leaving holes open for black's numerous counters in the second half. With black passing the ball more efficiently in the second, finishes from Nabil and Fickler eased the differential to even. As time drew to an end, a quick out to Fickler from the back allowed black to counter with the 10 foot tall Hiram to be the last defender to stop the go ahead goal! As Fickler dribbled the ball with no one pressuring, drifted towards the center of the field to swing Hiram his way! Although Hiram knew Fickler was coming closer to goal, his decision became hard to handle as he knew someone was behind him awaiting a pass... He was correct! As Fickler stepped once more towards goal, passed behind Hiram to Nabil who was quietly and unprotectedly awaiting, received the pass and drilled one far post to go ahead! With black ecstatic, and white exhausted, the final whistle blew to assure black a given number one spot going into playoffs! White gave it a glorious try, and whose to say if they were a healthy and full strength squad, they could have had black's number that day. A large credit to black who seemed to turn up the defense to have only allowed 2 in the second half! One quote heard from white's heralded midget, Kevin saying "How does he(Jay) still have that much energy left?," which came late in the game, goes to show that even if white had a full and healthy squad, black would beg to differ that the outcome would have changed. And to those who doubted that black would be at the top going into playoffs?

Guest @ 2010-05-10 20:36:09

Don't forget Black was without Buss Saturday. Black is the most balanced team going into the playoffs. Solid at every position defensively and plenty of attacking options. Going to be hard to beat since they can play tight defense with a lead or come from behind by pushing several threats into the attack.

Guest @ 2010-05-11 09:22:44

well phrased.
Black deserves a champioship!

Guest @ 2010-05-11 13:26:04

Black still has to beat...THE MIGHTY GREEN!!!

Guest @ 2010-05-11 15:11:45

Black has and should have great deal of respect for Green. at full squad they are a serious threat.

Guest @ 2010-05-11 18:30:43

playoff prediction
first round winners: Black, White, Red and Blue
second round: black and Red
Final Black

Guest @ 2010-05-11 18:45:59

Hey now, Green could be the sleeper team to slide into the next round! Black best beware! Shall we not forget the defeat to Gold....

Guest @ 2010-05-11 20:22:00

if you are going to make predictions like that, at least be man enough to put your name on it

Guest @ 2010-05-11 20:56:51

The league as a whole, anyone can come out on top. This is the most balanced league and credit goes to the new way of drafting done by Commish Kevin. Great games are in store for the next two weeks.

Guest @ 2010-05-12 08:03:07

I second that, Darryl. For the record, look for Blue to upset Black next weekend and be in the finals. Those guys are on a roll.

Guest @ 2010-05-12 15:17:20

Can't wait to see the international media and translatetors for that game.

Guest @ 2010-05-12 15:51:25

Blue upsetting black makes a lot of sense in the "if you can't beat their half squad, you must be able to crush their full sqaud" kind of thinking. Brilliant stuff. Black wins three in a row to take the championship if they are at full strength. Who does and does not show is usually a bigger indicator of who wins in the playoffs.

Guest @ 2010-05-12 15:55:00

Green v Orange for the championship.

Guest @ 2010-05-13 12:46:38

Anything can happen come playoff time...predictions are exactly what they are...predictions! If some of you guys are so confident of victory then maybe some friendly bets? I smell another way of making some money!!!
Commish Kevin

Guest @ 2010-05-13 23:31:10

Hey Kev,

I will bet you the beer that Reza owes me that gold wont win it!


Guest @ 2010-05-14 14:44:35

Ur on Chase! whats a little beer?


Guest @ 2010-05-14 23:00:28

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