Orange bemons the absence of their Captain

Posted by: Chase Drew on 2010-05-16 19:27:27

All season long the Orange team was seen as one of the teams to beat. They had depth at every position. They had players who could score in Dave Smith and Jeff Tomberline. The team was solid in the mid field with hyperactive league pest Dave Lallo and Chris. The defense had size, speed, and skill in Mike Haran and the Bass brothers. Yet, week in and week out they seemed to find a way to lose.

Sunday was no different. Despite the perfect conditions the Orange team was unable to mount much pressure on Red all game. Two or three quality shots where all they were able to muster on Chuck Kim. The most exciting moment for the Orange team was when the diminutive Chuck Kim punched Dave "Joey" Lallo in the eye, leaving him bruised and battered. This was heard to bring cheers from the beer crowd after the game.

The scoring was opened by a beautiful break away by Chris Reeves that he chipped over a late keeper in a one on one. A few minutes later them captain and known uphill gardener Paul Cuthbert put a beautiful shot in the lower left corner to bring the score to 2-0. Orange controlled much of the play for the next 15-20 minutes holding Red to few shots and mustered their best attacks of the game. Including Chuck Kim's TKO of Joey.

The second half started pretty balanced with both teams being unwilling to give up much ground. That said, the lack of many subs for Orange and no team captain finally caught up with the Orange team. As in the first half, Chris Reeves opened up the scoring with another beautiful break away and near post goal that even captain Paul would admire. The scoring was finished by goals by Kevin and JL, leaving the Orange team to say "it was a team loss."


Chuck Kim should be suspended for the first 4 games next season for his outrageous attitude and blatant punch of an opposing player, I personally will not suit up if he is not disciplined. Dave "Joey" Lallo

Guest @ 2010-05-21 21:32:56

Lallo deserved more than that weak punch by Chuck "Bruce Lee" Kim. And calling him a "pest" is a compliment. Lallo is a class-A wanker who makes John Barnes look like a pitboss as far as complaining goes.

Guest @ 2010-05-23 21:52:30

Good article. I don't know why all these other cats give you such a hard time about your posts. Oh, wait - - you got my name wrong! You no good, fact fabricating, name calling .......


Guest @ 2010-05-25 09:56:51

I project a black v white championship and that is not a racial statement.

Guest @ 2010-05-29 09:17:22

I just want to know what idiot posted the last comment on 5/29/10 ? The season ended on 5/23/10.

Guest @ 2010-06-02 08:00:02

Always a good job right here. Keep rolling on thohugr.

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