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Team Black vs. Team Magic Summary & Over 40 Blue Bombers
Posted by: kevin moghaddam on 2017-04-11 00:00:00

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Macon, GA, The Black team was looking to keep its undefeated season on track against a strong Magic team.
The Black captain was so confident, that even without 2 of his top players, he thought he could easily defeat the Magic no matter who showed up for the game.

The Magic Skipper, Kevin, wanting to rest his knee from further injury, decided that he wasn't going to play on this day and the Magic were also missing their All Star
Forward Sean. With these players missing the first half, the game was a real battle and could have gone either way.  Black missed some chances and the Magic also missed
some great opportunities and the Black team took a 2-1 advantage into intermission.

The Magic skipper could not stand at it halftime and decided enough is enough.  I pulled out my bag and started to put my socks on.  As I looked across the sideline into the Black bench, I felt the stare of the Black Captain, Sang Kim on me.  It was look I will never forget.  It was the same look i had on my face at the age of 12 when I had broken the glass on the kitchen table and was waiting for my Dad to come home to accept my punishment.  The look of fear on my face that day was the same look I saw on the Black Captains face.

I don't really have to explain how the second half went as the Magic went on to outscore the Black team 6-2 in the second half and if not for an unlucky bounce at the goal line and a garbage time goal at the end, it would have been 6-0.

The good news for the Black Captain is that Kevin M. had called off the $100 bet partly because he wasn't planning on playing but mostly because he considers Sang a friend and didn't want to take his money on such a foolish bet.

***********************************************************OVER 40 BLUE BOMBERS GOAL KEEPING PROWESS**************************************

Bluebombers 3 Lite Beer 0

This was a typical over 40 game but what stood out was the outstanding performance of the Blue Bomber keeper.  The 5 foot 6 inch goalie (on a good day) was all over the place.  He was seen making saves all over the place and rumor has it he even went up for a chip and actually jumped higher than the cross bar. 
The best scoring opportunity for the Lite Beer team was on penalty kick awarded to Bryan Walde.  As Walde put the ball down, Moghaddam was staring him down and reading his thoughts.  After the kick, it was pretty obvious Moghaddam knew exactly where Walde planned on going with the ball.   As Walde jogged up to take the kick, Moghaddam took a step to the right while Walde was kicking just to the keepers left.  I don't think anyone noticed but The speedy goalie actually made such a quick move back to the left barely getting a finger tip on the ball and causing the ball to hit the cross bar before going over the goal.  Most people will tell you that they didn't see Moghaddam come back to the left and tip the ball over but a witness has been found that saw this amazingly lightning quick move.  This same witness is also talking to the US Congress about how he knows Obama wiretapped Trumps Phone Lines and will be coming forwarded at the conclusion of that case.

Kevin Moghaddam
Posted by Guest at 2017-04-11 16:56:00

Sang was seen hallucinating and roaming warner robins street ever since the defeat, some heard him saying the words "lesson learned" repeatedly. rumor has it that he also said he will never ever bid against kevin for the rest of life

Posted by Guest at 2017-04-11 17:09:42
Hahah...Its so funny even though I didn't finish your article. I accept the defeat, backed down on the bet.
I still think you had the ref on your side that game.
See you in the playoffs buddy!!!

Posted by Guest at 2017-04-11 17:56:11

I had the ref !!
The ref was Asian. He was on your side.

Posted by League Administrator at 2017-04-11 18:27:12
Wow, I am speechless......
I can't believe this post was penned by the Magic man himself. Are you sure you didn't consult with Gregor or Adam Fofana for some proper writing etiquette? LOLOL

The Commish
Posted by Guest at 2017-04-12 04:45:22

You can definitely tell that there was no help on this post. As you can tell, although it is written well, there is no way this article measures up to the great penmanship of the lengendary journalist Gregor Jennings and its even more obvious that there was no help from Adam Fafano because I used verbs.

Kevin M.

Posted by Guest at 2017-04-12 18:52:09
Wow wo scored the 3 goals for blue bombers? I heard it was magic. I guess his goalie skill was greater then his scoring skills that is why the article was dedicated to himself as a goalie instead of the team that pulls the win.
Posted by Guest at 2017-04-14 12:59:59

I hope i did not offend any of the new member of the Blue Bombers by talking about myself but please understand that Kevin Moghaddam's articles and posts are meant to be 100% bull shit and pure entertainment. In fact this entire website is suppose to be for fun.

This is Moghaddam and I approve this message.

Posted by Guest at 2017-06-16 06:18:33
This was a run of the mill more than 40 diversion yet what emerged was the extraordinary execution of the Blue Bomber manager. More Info Button The 5 foot 6 inch goalie (at best) was everywhere. He was seen making spares everywhere and gossip has it he even went up for a chip and really hopped higher than the cross bar.
Posted by Guest at 2017-06-16 06:20:31
The Magic captain couldn't remain at it halftime and chose nothing more will be tolerated. I hauled out my pack and begun to put my socks on. As I looked over the sideline into the Black seat, I felt the gaze of the Black Captain, Link to Click Here Sang Kim on me. It was look I will always remember. It was a similar look i had all over at 12 years old when I had broken the glass on the kitchen table and was sitting tight for my Dad to get back home to acknowledge my discipline. The look of dread all over that day was a similar look I saw on the Black Captains confront.
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